this page is currently completely nude

it will basically function as a menu to everything

it can have neatly arranged uniform shapes to click on - pictures with roll-over title or something slick like that

or it can have a more artistic thing with drawings/photo cut-outs dotted on the page - each one as a button - titled with text or with roll-over text

the following is a structural demonstration - please ignore html loveliness of underlined blue links - currently coded to open new tabs but doesn't have to - top menus on other pages would be removed/replaced with button to this page



a short concise blurb saying who we are and what we do - we make work about bla bla bla; we focus on bla bla bla; we are interested in bla bla bla


a little piece of land : a wild exercise

(will focus purely on context/concepts and activities to do with high bonwick - documentation of findings/knowledge/experiences - focused on rewilding/biodiversity/(eco)systems and food - contextualised with critically engaged writings - links to other areas/works removed)


element : long term short films


in situ : field recording as sound installation


actions and performance : intervening in the public realm

(just for example)